About Us

At Able Futures we share a passion for people with disabilities being able to achieve independence and exercising real choice and control over their own lives. Collectively we have a deep and strong understanding of disability and accommodation, along with a willingness to listen and collaborate with the people we work with.

We understand that some individuals will undertake their journey requiring little or no assistance  however we also know there are individuals and families who would love to manage their own arrangements but just don’t know how it all works, don’t have the time, don’t need the hassle. We are committed to supporting individuals and their families and carers to create, maintain & sustain their own arrangements with or without our support, short term or ongoing.

The introduction of National Disability Insurance Scheme allows people with disabilities for the first time to create the arrangements that work for them. We have come together to provide a platform for people with disabilities and their families and/or carers to create their own arrangements and find the resources they need to set this up.

The idea for Able Futures began in 2013 around independent living and lifestyles for people with disabilities. Through model development and changes it has taken some time to get to here. Able Futures is a new company founded in 2015. It is comprised of a number of, industry professionals with extensive experience in the community and disability service environment, alongside, families and individuals with lived experience of disability, all with a strong dedication to assisting people to succeed. Able Futures is a company limited by guarantee and is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.

Who is on our Board ?

We have an intial Strategic Plan for 18 months which includes:

* Growing the Able Futures website resource
* Increasing our ability to support and resource individuals and families
* Investigating technological advances.

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