National Police Checks

Able Futures / Australian Criminal Intelligence Commision (ACIC)

Able Futures is now accredited to conduct National Police Checks via the ACIC. ACIC National Police Checks provide disclosable police history information from all Australian police agencies.

Here is how it works:

1. Download and fill out the ACIC Informed Consent Form v1.0, there are full instructions within the form.

2. Supply the 100pts of identification as set out in the form. Scan certified copies of ID, preferably pdf files. (Please supply colour copies of any identification and ensure all copies are certified).

3. Once you are satisfied the information is correct, use the contact form below to securely upload the consent form and identification back to Able Futures – file types allowed are gif, png, jpg, jpeg & pdf.Maximum file size is 5MB

4. First fill out your names and email address and attach the ACIS Consent Form and identification files. Press ‘SUBMIT FORMS’. Once the form and files have been uploaded sent simply click the ‘Pay Now’ button to be taken to the payment page please follow the instructions to complete payment.

5. Once payment has been received, your information will be entered into the ACIC system. Our checks are priced at $47 per check inc GST

5. The finalized National Police Check will be released to you via email.

Your Police Check comes with a verification code so employers and government agencies can immediately verify your check online.

If you have any questions click here or for further information from ACIC click here

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Allowable file types allowed are gif, png, jpg, jpeg & pdf. Maximum file size is 5MB.

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