Studio 146

Studio 146 is a learning environment for people with disabilities of all ages to learn to live independently.

Studios are individual and fully furnished, so you have your privacy & independence, without having to take on a whole accommodation setting like a house just yet. Living in while you learn means you can practice your living and lifestyle skills in a safe and supported environment and still experience living independently. The program is staffed at all times and plans are individually tailored to your needs. Our staff are trained to support you to learn the skills you’ll need to live independently when you are ready.

Get trained, Get skilled, Get Confident and Get Going

  • 2 weeks to 2 year time-frames for those who want to give it a go to those ready to transition
  • Over 35 learning modules to choose from so you can design your own learning journey
  • Individually designed learning modules to capture areas not in the above
  • a loop back option if you need more time.

There are a range of learning modules to choose from including:-

• Budget
• Social Media
• Fire Safety
• Looking after your accommodation
• Food Preparation
• Personal Safety
• Housekeeping
• Community Knowledge
• Leisure Skills
• Making friends

Able Futures will build a program with you to improve your existing skills and introduce new skills when you are ready allowing constant repetition to embed skills in a natural and progressive way.

Key Benefits and Options

  • Supported Accommodation
  • Range of program options
  • Range of program entry and exit points
  • Opportunity to make friends or train with your friends
  • Assistance to obtain accommodation
  • Transition assistance
  • Circle of support development and facilitation
  • Loop back option

Who is it for?

Studio 146 is for any person with a disability who:

  • wants to move out of home
  • wants to move into a granny flat on the family property
  • could live independently in the family home at some point
  • wants to stay home or go on holidays alone
  • wants to live alone or with friends
  • wants their independence!

NB  Unfortunately, we currently do not have wheelchair accessible studios available. We are working on this and will advise of developments in this area. Please let us know if this is your requirement to discuss possible alternatives

Contact Us  for more information or to book an inspection

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