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The Knight's Motorcycle Club

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D: Who is Andre and where did you meet him?
L: Andre is my friend that I met at karaoke!
D: Where is karaoke?
L: Karaoke is at a bar called The Bayview at Woy Woy.
D: Who are the Knights and where did you meet the Knights?
L: I met the Knights through Andre, and the Knights are a guys that do charity things for the community and help the homeless. They also help with fundraising for people that don't have much and help the homeless.
D: Have you done anything with the Knights?
L: I went for a ride with them to Brooklyn and to the Soar and Roar at Eastern Creek Raceway for a fundraiser to help the Special Olympics, we drove down there in the car then I got on the back of Andre's bike and went for a ride around the track a few times. I had to ride on the back of Andre's bike all the way home and had to stop on the M1 as my knees got a bit sore but Andre and I made it all the way home.
I organised the Participants' Christmas party for the Knights to come and bring their bikes, and we had KFC so yeah pretty proud of that one.
D: What do you like about Andre?
L: He is a nice bloke, he is caring and he would give you anything he is a great bloke and i call him my brother.
D: Have you learnt anything from Andre and The Knights?
L: Ahh yea, how to be nice, and the Knights have taught me lots about being a good person.
D: Does Andre have a job? and if so what does he do?
L: Yeah Andre owns his own company doing landscaping, I've helped him out a few times and its a great time working with Andre

Story By Participant - Leith Cooper
Assisted By - Dan Martin

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