What Does an Accommodation Arrangement Look Like?


What does an accommodation arrangement look like? In short, anything you want it to.

People’s preferences vary enormously….some live in houses, units, villas, cabins, caravans, terraces, high rises, but let’s look at some different arrangements that might suit you.

Public/Dept. of Housing – you may be on the list for public housing or you may be eligible for assistance with rental. You might also be eligible for some assistance to find a suitable home.

Rental – perhaps you prefer to rent through a real estate or a private landlord

Room share – you may prefer to share with some mates or people with similar age and interests where your costs are smaller and you contribute to the household bills

Buy/Mortgage – you may be in a position where you can buy or mortgage a home and use housemates to help with bills.

So there are options, we know a lot more are needed but there are options.

In some cases a person may inherit the family home at some point, but no one is in a hurry to lose their parents – they might want to move out of home long before that happens! Knowing they will have stable accommodation in the long term. A granny flat, shared room or rented accom may be the interim solution to ensure independence is never compromised.

Development laws have changed in various states across Australia that now permit the addition of granny flats in existing back yards. Some states allow the relocation of older houses that can in some cases be cheaper than buying an existing home. Technology and creativity have come together to create smart houses. If local area covenant laws allow you can even build a home these days out of shipping containers.  Technology exists already that is beginning to remove some of the barriers, in time it is sure to remove many more.

Another model is the financial investment. Families come together and purchase a property for their offspring. This could be undertaken like a joint venture whereby each family purchases a ‘share’ in the house securing stability and safe environment. As life changes and people move on or their needs change or as might happen someone passes away, their ‘share’ can be on sold to another person who takes over the ownership and financial share of the home.  This creates some stability for the person with a disability and some choice and control over the environment. A solicitor should be consulted before undertaking any action to find the right solution for you and your particular finances.


Not every solution fits every individual and that’s ok. The trick is to figure out which arrangement suits you for now. Start with the absolute dream arrangement for you with all the bells and whistles, and then start to work backwards erasing only the impossible. The ‘impossible for now’ can be greyed out for the time being. Now you are left with what’s possible. If it’s possible – you can make it a reality. Forget about the questions everyone else needs answered…What are the questions you need to ask?

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